01/03/17 | Tell Your Kids About Lemmy Kilmister

Lemmy by Joel Ahrens

We were building out the studio last year when Lemmy Killmeister passed. Many late nights were spent rolling out paint, blasting Motorhead and feeling nostalgic. As I listened to some of the same songs that I've heard a million times, I came up with some important reasoning as to why it's important to highlight his legacy.

Lemmy was a so-so bassist with a terrible voice. He didn't actually sing and most of their lyrics didn't rhyme. He chain-smoked, drank too much, smelled bad and was not a handsome man. That being said, someone has to be the loudest, fastest, ugliest and smelliest. Lemmy was ALL those things. He was the best at it and the world loved him for it.

The dude never let a lack of looks and talent get in the way of creating something amzing and his band sold more than 15 million albums worldwide. He lived life on his terms, did his own thing, had bazillions of fans and earned the respect of his peers (including the always lovely Wanda Jackson). Lemmy was the best Lemmy we could have ever asked for and it's worth noting.

I think what I'm trying to convey is a message of non-conformity. Find your thing and do it. Own it. Success has plenty of room for you.

Photographer: Joel Ahrens at OK Visual