Our History

Since 2008, Six One Six has focused on video production, web design and advertising media placement. From our studio in south Oklahoma City, we produce our clients’ tv, radio and digital commercials.

With over 30 years of experience in Oklahoma advertising, Chad Lunsford has worked with brands such as McDonald’s, Hardee’s, Carl’s Jr, Pizza Hut, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, American Floral Services and others. His work has been featured at the Smithsonian and 26 different countries around the world, in several languages.

Chad spent over a decade with Oklahoma City Cumulus Media radio stations and has helped develop identity and marketing materials for more than 50 stations nationwide.

Media Placement

Lets face it, advertising is expensive. Annual advertising budgets rival the cost of real estate but is an essential part of a successful business. But, with those kinds of dollars, you want to make sure you are spending it wisely and should have someone with experience representing you.

As an advertising agency, we receive a discounted rate from media outlets. We meet with the sales reps from the different stations / companies, examine their proposals and ask questions on your behalf.

Then, we meet with you to discuss what we found. Everything is presented in one sitting, saving you time. Like an attorney, we discuss your options talk with you about the advantages or disadvantages of those options. We can advise on what options would best position you for success but at the end of the day, YOU make all the decisions. We don’t make any buys without your consent.

This saves you time and money, plus allows you to focus on your business.

Video Production

From food to medical to drag racing, we’ve done a little bit of everything in terms of video production. We feature video production for TV commercials, long form video, testimonials, training and more. We also have our own studio that features a large green screen and a voice isolation booth.

Our vodcast set is one of the nicest video podcast facilities in the state. It features a multi camera set up, Shure SM7B microphones and the ability to stream directly to your Facebook page, YouTube channel and more!

Web Development

We established a strong web development presence a long time ago. During his time at Citadel Broadcasting (now Cumulus Media) Chad helped the Oklahoma City cluster establish an online scheduling system for the promotions department that could viewed from anywhere in the world.

This may seem ordinary by today’s standards but in the early 2000s it was quite an innovation. He also helped usher in the the first ad zones on the cluster’s websites, making it the first Citadel cluster in the entire country to generate revenue off of Google ads.

Six One Six offers custom website design and website hosting. By integrating our photography and video services, we can deliver a stunning website that competes with your competitors for Google’s top rankings.